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Patient Simulation

Mediquip’s patient simulation portfolio includes CAE Healthcare’s high-tech electronic simulators and Lifecast Body Simulation’s non-electronic, extremely lifelike manikin range representing great diversity in age and ethnicity. 

Low, Mid and High Fidelity 

We generally categorise patient simulators into three groups according to fidelity level: low, mid or high. 

Low fidelity is for basic skills training, with no electronics. An example is a nursing skills manikin where users can practice injections, nasal gastric tube, eye and ear irrigation, intramuscular injection, ostemy care, and catheterisation. Other examples are Lifecast manikins: low fidelity but with incredibly high realism and crafted for airway management. 

Mid fidelity patient simulators generally have electronics. They might have heart sounds, blink eyes, and change pupil reactions. Scenarios can be enacted and the manikin connected to external monitoring – for example, their asthma may be becoming worse and, depending on the treatments, the instructor can control the manikin such as bringing down the respiratory rate. 

High fidelity patient simulators bring more responsiveness. For example, a childbirth simulator may have a baby coming out normally and a baby being stuck, the mother manikin having post-partum haemorrhage, and their vital signs improving if treated properly. The manikin may be able to have real gases applied and, if overdosed or underdosed, the manikin responds accordingly. 

CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare’s family of patient simulators range from infant to adult, many using sophisticated mathematical models so they can reflect human physiology and the influences acting on it – like medicines, equipment and pathologies. The are patient simulators for childbirth, neonatal and paediatric healthcare training, for nursing skills training, emergency care and for anaesthesia. 

CAE SimEquip mimics the management of a variety of medical devices, supporting realistic and reliable hands-on training for resuscitation, ventilation and anaesthesia equipment, at an affordable price. 

Lifecast Body Simulation

Lifecast manikins, available in Australia and New Zealand through Mediquip, are based on the scans or casts of real people and feature fine details such as veins and underlying structures. Their unmatched level of realism stimulates greater emotional engagement and more natural handling during scenario-based medical training. 

They offer amazing diversity in terms of age and ethnicity and many offer customisation options. Manikins include an airway and articulated mouth for airway management. 

Our website shows just a sample selection of products – contact us for more information and other options.