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CAE Human Patient Simulator HPS

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  • Practice respiratory and critical care training: CAE HPS responds to real anaesthetic gases, oxygen therapy and medications.
  • Delivers simulation so real that its lungs can consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide.
  • High-fidelity simulator can flow trigger or pressure trigger a ventilator to cycle and may be configured to display respiratory distress or agitation toward the ventilator.
  • Other features include: Eyes, ears and mouth secretions to detect trauma; Range of motion in the wrists, elbows, knees and ankles; Ability to interface with real clinical monitors and ventilators; Left-arm blood-pressure management by auscultation and palpation.

    CAE HPS helps prepare health professionals for various encounters:
  • Abnormal breathing: Increase lifesaving measures by using the realistic airway system to practice bag-valve-mask ventilation and intubation.
  • Unconsciousness: Learn correct CPR hand placement, depth and rate of compressions with physiological feedback.
  • Fluid deprivation: Practice IV cannulation with flashback supported in the simulator’s right arm, including the brachial, cephalic, basilic and antecubital veins.