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Dental Sterilisation

Mediquip has several decades of experience in the sales, installation, servicing and validation of sterilisation equipment, with our responsive Australia-wide field service engineers committed to maximising uptime. Ongoing development of our sterilisation technical and clinical insights supports compliance with regulations, Australian Standards and best practice. We understand that autoclaves in dental clinics do a lot of short cycle work compared with most other healthcare placements.  

Designed for Dentists 

Tuttnauer autoclaves and washer disinfectors designed for dentists offer value and a robust solution, backed by Mediquip’s servicing team. With over 95 years in the sterilisation industry, Tuttnauer is trusted in more than 140 countries. 

The Tuttnauer TIVA washer disinfector range offers an automatic solution for washing, disinfecting, and drying – saving your team the time and energy of manual washing. A large range of customisable tray and rack inserts are available, including handpiece rails. T-Edge Autoclaves offer a full range of class B cycles with customisable drying and virus protect options.  

Our website shows just a sample selection of products – contact us for more information and other options. 

Sterilisation Peace of Mind

As well as equipment supply, Mediquip provides sterilisation consumables and service support, helping give your dental practice sterilisation confidence.