CAE Luna Advanced

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  • Neonatal patient simulator with tablet and Maestro operating system.
  • Wireless and tetherless, simulating a baby from birth to 28 days after delivery.
  • Supports newborn assessment, neonatal resuscitation, tracheostomy care, airway and respiratory management, cardiovascular management, spontaneous breathing.
  • Five simulated clinical experiences include infant cardiopulmonary failure, neonatal abstinence syndrome, neonatal resuscitation, pneumothorax, poor perfusion.
  • Lightweight with interchangeable genders.
  • Joint articulation: Experience lifelike infant movements with CAE Luna’s articulated neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.
  • Realistic airway: Use CAE Luna’s tracheostomy port to practice trach ventilation, care and maintenance.
  • Tristate eyes: Practice diagnosing and treating medical conditions by leveraging normal, pinpoint, and blown-pupil options.
  • Includes Advanced features: Laryngospasms, spontaneous breathing, substernal retractions, femoral pulses, umbilical pulses, circumoral cyanosis, arm movement, SymDefib box.
  • Also available in Luna Live configuration (CAELUNA200) without Advanced features.