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With over 35 years’ experience in the sales, installation, servicing and validation of sterilisation equipment, Mediquip offers diverse solutions: from benchtop autoclaves to integrated sterilisation departments with 400L+ sterilisers and washer disinfectors, plus ultrasonic baths and heat sealers. 

Mediquip’s strong partnerships with well-reputed European sterilisation manufacturers open quality options at competitive pricing. Our comprehensive sterilisation solutions are backed by our responsive team of Australia-wide field service engineers committed to maximising uptime. Ongoing development of our sterilisation technical and clinical insights ensures compliance with regulations, Australian Standards and best practice. 


Washer disinfector solutions

Tuttnauer washer disinfectors are produced in Europe following CE Standards for quality and safety. The TIVA range provides a flexible solution for washing, disinfecting and drying of diverse medical instruments. The integrated high-speed option allows for quick wash cycles, while the powerful heated filter air system ensures an efficient drying phase. Tuttnauer has over 95 years experience in the sterilisation industry and is trusted in more than 140 countries. 


100L to 400L+ Steam sterilisers

SMS steam sterilisers are produced in Europe following CE standards for quality and safety, and backed across Australia by Mediquip’s national support and servicing team. The SMS AS series − designed for steam sterilisation of surgical, textile, metal, plastic and glassware − is ideal for use in hospital and day hospital CSSDs. Fully automated, SMS sterilisers are designed to reduce energy and water consumption making them cost effective and eco friendly. SMS has been manufacturing sterilisers since 1946. 


Benchtop sterilisers / autoclaves

Newmed Kronos is a high-performing, easy-to-use steam steriliser with Italian design by Newmed, a Midmark Company. Available in 18 litre and 23 litre options of S or B class. S class sterilisers suit solid instruments, such as scissors and scalpels. Practices using hollow bodied instruments require B class sterilisers, which run vacuum cycles to facilitate steam penetration of lumens. 

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