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  • A mobile, durable manikin built for the rigors of trauma training.
  • Mid-fidelity patient simulator with practical features, including muscle injection sites, a realistic breathing system, a difficult airway and two-way communication between the manikin (operator) and learner that make it ideal for teaching, learning and practicing critical emergency-care skills.
  • Broaden real-life clinical experiences by changing the hair and genitalia to easily convert this simulator from male to female and back again.
  • Includes CAE SymEyes for exploration of numerous health conditions by easily changing the condition and appearance of the eyelids, sclera and pupils.
  • With CAE Maestro allowing experience of realistic CPR performance, with software detecting hand placement, rate and depth of compressions, recoil, ventilation-to-compression ratio.
  • Helps prepare to manage traumas including cardiopulmonary arrest, closed head injury and pneumothorax, heroin overdose, inferior-posterior myocardial infarction, sepsis with hypotension, stroke.
  • Spontanious breathing with visible unilateral chest rise and fall during bag-valve-mask ventilation.
  • Palpate unilateral brachial and radial pulses.
  • Auscultate normal and abnormal heart, lung and bowel sounds.
  • Also available: For an even more immersive training experience, pair with Microsoft HoloLens for augmented reality simulation.