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Surgical Simulation

Mediquip surgical simulation solutions includes the CAE CathLabVR with true physics-based wire and catheter interactions to practice more than 31,000 self-directed, competency-based experiences. 

We distribute a variety of options from Strategic Operations (STOPS), known for their Hyper-Realistic® training solutions. Hyper-Realistic® cut suits, trainers, blast trousers and accessories simulate extreme physical trauma so personnel can learn to manage these scenarios, mimicking the look, feel and behaviours of extreme medical events. 

Simulate traumatic events, from point-of-injury triage and treatment enroute to transition of care and surgical intervention. The 6-in-1 Tactical Combat Casualty Care Trainer has a skeleton with user-repairable body skin, neck skins, tracheas, and replaceable intraosseous training pucks. 

Our website shows just a sample selection of products – contact us for more information and other options.