CAE Juno, Complete

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  • Patient simulator designed to enhance clinical nursing skills, from task training to advanced patient care.
  • Wireless and tetherless mid-fidelity manikin.
  • Designed to offer comprehensive training for clinical nursing skills, including tracheostomy, ostomy and oral care.
  • Ideal for fluid administration (eyes and ears); care and maintenance of nasogastric tubes, chest tubes, stomas and tracheostomies; intramuscular injections; intravenous insertions.
  • Lower abdomen with three separate reservoirs: urinary, gastric and enema.
  • A male and female patient in one manikin, with interchangeable genitalia.
  • Wide-range of realistic articulation, CAE Juno can sit upright at a full 90-degree angle.
  • Also available in Base model (Order code CAEJUN100).