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Practice Medications


Developed by industry experts, Wallcur Practi-Products® are top quality, true-to-life simulated medications and educational products – not for human or animal use. 

Hands-on practice increases core competencies. And Wallcur products support effective medical training with practice meds for unit dosages, reconstitution for IVs, ampoule and vial handing, injection techniques and more. Used in educational training and simulation in nursing, medical assistance, pharmacy, emergency medicine, defence force medics and allied health programs. 

Practi-Powders help practice the skills of label-reading, vial opening, and vial handling and can be used along with Practi-Vials for reconstitution practice. Wallcur healthcare simulation products include simulated blood, oral meds, syringes, inhalers, nebules, sprays, insulin pen trainers, EpiPen trainers and solutions for emergency medical services (EMS) training.  

Below are some of the best-sellers in Australia but a much broader range is available, along with some customisation options. To discover more, contact your Mediquip representative or view the Wallcur Catalogue online.