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Lifecast ALS Oncology Adult Female

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  • Represents a major step forward in teaching drug delivery and blood sampling in oncology patients.
  • Enables up to 4 port catheters and/or PIC lines to be built into the manikin construction, allowing for simulated medication and blood to flow through the manikin body.
  • Port catheter insertion site scars are also visible.
  • Extreme high levels of realism provide unrivalled student engagement while learning how to safely perform port catheter drug delivery and sampling.
  • Includes an airway and articulated mouth for airway management.
  • Features: ALS airway nasal and oral, IO tibia, IO humeral head, partial urinary catheter insertion, port catheters / PICC line, body hair.
  • Encourages more natural handling, bringing a new level of realism to medical training, supporting emotional engagement.
  • Available in range of ethnicities and created with usable weight and average adult heights.
  • Also available: customisation with features such as built-in Bluetooth speaker, hand punched head hair, skin conditions and wound effects.