Bionet BM3 Vet Monitor, Touch Screen

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Bionet BM3 Vet Monitor, Touch Screen


8" High Resolution Touch Screen Monitor

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Versatile, portable, lightweight BM3Vet Touch is specially designed to be used in vet surgery, treatment, or cage areas. Compact design with unique handles make it easy to move from room to room. It’s 8” colour touch monitor displays all the vital signs that you want in different colours to recognize each parameter easily.

Built-in printer offers documentation of all measured values as well as up to 3 waveforms of information. Alarms and settings are easily adjustable and can be retained after turning off the power.

  • ECG, SpO2, NiBP, Respiration and Temperature.
  • Includes temperature, transflectance SpO2, and esophageal probes*
  • EtCO2 Ready: add plug and play mainstream or sidestream EtCO2 at any time
  • 8” high resolution touch screen monitor
  • Individual sweep speed setting for each parameter
  • Multiple display modes
  • Remembers your settings
  • 168 full hours of trend data stored
  • 20 cases x 10 sec alarm waveform stored
  • Includes B-Link software for data collection
  • ST level, PVC count real-time display
  • Very low-perfusion SpO2 measurement
  • Li-on rechargeable battery allows cordless use for up to 1.5 hours

Standard Accessories:

  • 3-lead ECG cable
  • NiBP extension tube (3m)
  • SunTech vet cuffs set 1-5
  • SpO2 Extension cable (2m)
  • Esophageal ECG probe with temperature
  • Extension cable for esophageal probe
  • Temperature probe (rectal/esophageal)
  • ECG Trunk cable, 3 lead ECG clips
  • Reusable multisite SpO2 probe
  • B-Link automated record keeping software
  • DC adapter (18 VDC, 2.5 A)
  • Built-in printer