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ZOLL AED Plus® Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

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  • Provides real-time CPR feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions.
  • Audio prompts and visual icons complement the Chain of Survival.
  • Easy-to-place, one-piece CPR-D-padz® electrodes with 5-year shelf life.
  • Fully automatic feature available — unit will deliver a shock on its own when a shockable heart rhythm is detected.
  • Rugged design with IP (ingress protection) rating of IP55 for dust and water.
  • Designed to withstand extreme temperature, altitude, vibration, shock.
  • Off-the-shelf lithium batteries with 5-year life.
  • Soft carry case for easy travel.
  • Also available: Pedi-padz® paediatric electrodes can be purchased separately for children up to 8 years old or weighing less than 25kg.