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Vaginal Delivery Assistance Simulator

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  • Simulates the delivery of a newborn, from perineal protection to delivery of the placenta.
  • Genital area made of innovative material that excels in elasticity, durability and resilience, offering repetitive training opportunity.
  • Anatomically correct vaginal canal, ischial spine and pubic joint that facilitate training with anatomical understanding.
  • Elastic external genitalia, realistic shape of vaginal canal and a holding handle for maternal body facilitate simulation of a smooth delivery.
  • Supports training for delivery assistance for different positions (dorsal, all-fours), perineal protection, delivery of fetus (forceps delivery, vacuum extraction); clamping, tying and cutting of the umbilical cord; delivery of the placenta / insertion of urinary catheter / inspection of the velamen.
  • Set includes maternal body, genitalia unit (for pelvic examination and delivery assistance), fetus, placenta, umbilical cords and more.
  • Also available: Obstetric Training Simulator Complete Set, KY11420000.