Twin-O-Vac with Gauge

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  • Versatile unit ideal for when extra portable sources of oxygen or suction are required.
  • Uses one oxygen outlet (pipeline wall point or cylinder regulator) to provide variable suction plus two separate sources of oxygen.
  • All 3 outlets can be used simultaneously on up to three different patients if necessary.
  • Can be connected or linked to an assortment of equipment including resuscitators, flowmeters etc.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Inlet pressure: 400kPa.
  • Inlet connection: SIS oxygen handwheel.
  • Outlet connection: SIS sleeve.
  • Negative pressure at maximum setting: 400mmHg.
  • Free air displaced: 16 L/min.
  • Gas consumed: 22 L/min.
  • Lightweight (approx 720gms).
  • 2 year limited warranty.
  • Vacuum gauge for controlling suction (0 to -100kPa).
  • Easy-to-read dual scale (kPa and mmHg) vacuum gauge.
  • Standard millipore brand filter acts as a bacteria filter between the jar contents and room air.