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STOPS TCCC/EMS Cut Suit, Human Worn

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  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC/EMS) suit designed to help achieve main goals: treat the casualty, prevent additional casualties and complete the mission.
  • Strategic Operations (STOPS) simulation unit allowing medical providers to treat the three primary causes of death on the battlefield or any other traumatic situation: uncontrollable haemorrhage (*with a blood distribution system), airway compromise, and tension pneumothorax.
  • Has a streamlined frame with a minimal wearer profile to increase the realism of any training scenario: Hyper-Realistic® scenario.
  • The unit is user-customisable and user-repairable, minimising costly repairs and long-term reoccurring costs.
  • Can be worn during even intense physical scenarios at the point of injury.
  • Supports interaction with a live patient during the emergency assessment and treatment process.
  • The skin is user repairable, allowing for multiple uses per unit.
  • User created and customisable wound patterns.
  • Procedures available include extremity haemorrhage control with tourniquet application, arterial ligation/clamping, internal compression; wound-void packing (*with a blood distribution system); Surgical cricothyroidotomy; Bilateral anterior and axillary chest needle thoracentesis; Bilateral surgical chest-tube thoracotomy; Suturing and stapling of skin in all locations; Peripheral IV access; Sternal intraosseous IV access; Peripheral IV medication administration.