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STOPS TCCC Advanced Moulage Kit

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  • Strategic Operations (STOPS) Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) wearable wounds designed to give realistic tactile and visual feedback in a multitude of training environments.
  • Ruggedised wound simulators are form-fitted to be anatomically correct, whether human worn or placed on a manikin.
  • Hyper-Realistic® simulating real-world injuries.
  • Durable and tactile, with medium and dark skin tone options.
  • Packable wound cavities.
  • Includes Lacerated scalp hood w/hair; Multi-junctional bleed trainer; Sucking chest wound + exit back - Short sleeve shirt; 3rd Degree burns to chest and back - Short sleeve; Arm burn - Long sleeve shirt; Radial/Ulna fracture - Arm sleeve; Femoral wound shorts; Tib/Fib closed fracture - Lower leg sleeve; 3rd Degree burns - Lower leg sleeve; Partial left foot amputation sleeve; Partial right-hand amputation sleeve; Brachial sleeve; Removable protective case sleeves; SFX Blood concentrate; Make-up kit.