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STOPS Surgical Cut Suit, Human Worn

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  • Strategic Operations (STOPS) medical simulation suit, helps prepare learners to treat patients from the point of injury, to treatment enroute, and transition of care to surgical intervention.
  • For simulating extreme physical trauma scenarios.
  • Practice haemorrhage control, organ incision suture techniques, laparotomy, and abdominal exploration.
  • Can be worn during even intensely physical scenarios at point of injury.
  • The skin and organs are user repairable, allowing for multiple uses per unit.
  • Interchangeable organs.
  • Variable wound patterns or pathology (internal and external haemorrhaging).
  • Medical procedures available include extremity hemorrhage control w/ tourniquet application, arterial ligation / clamping, internal compression; Iliac arterial haemorrhage control; Surgical cricothyroidotomy; Bilateral anterior and axillary chest needle thoracentesis; Bilateral surgical chest tube thoracotomy; Suturing and stapling of skin in all locations; Foley catherisation; External bladder tap; Thoracotomy and intra-thoracic exploratory surgery; Laparotomy and intra-abdominal exploration; Suturing of gross organ structures; Anastomosis and resection; Peripheral IV access.