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STOPS IV and Suture Sleeve

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  • Strategic Operations (STOPS) ruggedised human-worn venipuncture training aid.
  • Hyper-Realistic® skin palpates and assesses like real human tissue.
  • Life-like skin lies over a protective shield that is puncture resistant and allows for a full range of motion.
  • Can be used in controlled classroom setting or austere field-training environments.
  • Proper IV placement gives positive user feedback through blood flash.
  • Can be utilised to create superficial and deep tissue lacerations that can be treated by sutures and staples.
  • User-repairable and fits most body types, making it an economical training tool.
  • Muscle covered protection shield and allows full range of motion.
  • IV catheter flashback.
  • Training applications include Stress inoculation, Venipuncture, IV cannulation, IV fluid and medication administration, Phlebotomy, Blood draws, Blood transfusion, Wound cleaning, Suturing, Skin stapling, Aseptic techniques, Provide local anesthesia.
  • Includes 1 User-repairable skin, 1 Muscle shield, 10 User-repairable veins, 20 Vein end-caps, 1 Blood concentrate, 1 Repair kit.