Sim.LED 8000 MC

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  • Quality German-made lighting technology by SIMEON Medical with more than 20 years' experience.
  • SIMEON HighLine operating light with excellent depth illumination.
  • Active shadow management.
  • Shadow-free light thanks to the patented SIMEON reflector technology.
  • Up to 99 user profiles by person and discipline.
  • Easy integration into OR sytems and seamless expansion through Sim.CAM cameras and Sim.SCREEN monitor carrier.
  • Application-oriented field adjustment from 170−320mm.
  • Dimmability from 48,000−160,000 lux.
  • Multi colour (Single colour also available).
  • Seamlessly closed design meets the highest hygienic demands.
  • High end materials with aluminium and safety glass.
  • Very long life time with >60,000 hours for LEDs.
  • 5 year warranty on LED PODs and 2 year warranty on light.
  • Innovative anti-bacterial coating.
  • Low power consumption.