Practi-Oral Med Pack

AUD $343.46 ex. GST

20 Boxes
  • For clinical training, each Practi-Med has been designed to resemble as close as possible in size, shape and colour to its true drug counterpart.
  • While all Practi-Meds contain only inert ingredients, they are NOT TO BE INGESTED.
  • Contains 20 boxes, each with 48 Practi-Meds: Practi-Atorvastatin, Practi-Benazepril, Practi-Bupropion, Practi-Cephalexin, Practi-Diazepam, Practi-Digoxin, Practi-Diltiazem, Practi-Dipyridamole, Practi-Docusate, Practi-Furosemide, Practi-Lorazepam, Practi-Metformin, Practi-Multivitamin, Practi-Nabumetone, Practi-Omeprazole, Practi-Oxycodone & Acetaminophen, Practi-Potassium Chloride, Practi-Prednisone, Practi-Temazepam, Practi-Warfarin.
  • Helps teach reading drug labels, calculating normal dosages and determining drug actions and side effects, opening meds from a variety of unit dosage packaging, breaking scored tablets, asepsis while preparing, pouring, and administration, practicing the Six Rights of administration.
  • Training product: Not for human or animal use.