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Oxygen Demand Valve Resuscitator Kit

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  • Demand valve resuscitator provides a safe and effective delivery system of oxygen to non-breathing patients or respiratory distressed patients.
  • Can also be used on spontaneously breathing patients as a standard demand valve.
  • Can be attached to any standard 400kPa oxygen outlet including hospital outlet valves, regulators or Twin-O-Vacs.
  • Safe and effective means of delivering oxygen.
  • Includes Oxygen tube, Oxygen handwheel and nipple, nipple hose and ferrule, and mask.
  • Integral pressure relief valve.
  • Manual flowrate: 40−60L/min.
  • Demand flowrate: 0−160L/min.
  • Supply pressure: 400kPa nominal.
  • Inlet connection: 9/16”−18 DISS (Diameter Indexed Safety System as per CGA V-5).
  • Patient connection: 22/15mm male/female taper.