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Newborn Simulator, incl. CPR

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  • Manikin that facilitates Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation training of newborn baby.
  • Features airway management training with observable bilateral/unilateral ventilation; Soft and realistic umbilical cord capable of venous and arterial line placement, and blood sample collection; Feeding tube placement confirmable through gastric fluid aspiration; Chest compression.
  • Supports training for basic neonatal care, changing body position, hygiene, palpation of anterior fontanelle, umbilical catheterisation, umbilical cord care, tube feeding (nasal and oral) and gastric fluid aspiration clamping, tying and cutting of the umbilical cord, nasal / oral suction, emergency simulation, chest compression, endotracheal intubation, BVM ventilation.
  • Approx. height 50cm, approx. weight 2.6kg.