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Lifecast ALS Water Rescue / Thoracic Trauma Toddler

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  • Adds a new dimension in drowning-related resuscitation scenarios, enabling fluid and ‘bubbling’ to be expelled from the mouth during the management of the child’s airway. Adding colour to the water in the lung and layering bruising to the toddler’s skin also enables very challenging chest trauma related scenarios to be performed.
  • Various thoracic foaming, bleeding and vomiting effects can be produced.
  • Based on the scans of real children, features lifelike fine details such as veins and underlying structures.
  • Normal weight and a natural ‘floppiness’ creates amazing realism when handling, better reflecting the real life challenges associated with many emergency procedures, supporting emotional engagement.
  • Includes an airway and articulated mouth for airway management.
  • Features: ALS airway nasal and oral, CPR, water rescue / drowning compatible, head wig with hand punched hair edges.
  • 3 year old, 80cm, 14kg.
  • Available in gender options and range of ethnicities.
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