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Lifecast ALS Micro-Preemie Baby (22−23 Weeks)

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  • A manikin that can help prepare healthcare providers in the urgent medical management of these most vulnerable of patients.
  • 22−23 weeks gestation, 24cm, 500gms.
  • Features: ALS airway nasal and oral, CPR, chest drain placement, cannulateable umbilical cord.
  • Encourages more natural handling, bringing a new level of realism to medical training, supporting emotional engagement.
  • Functionality includes: Nasal and oral access for nasal prongs, OP airways and intubation; Ventilation with normal volumes and pressures; Tension pneumothorax function including chest drain and needle decompression; Umbilical cord access with sump for flashback when UVC placed; Nasogastric tube placement.