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Lifecast ALS Adult Male Torso

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  • Lifelike torso representing adult male: mid 40s, 37kg.
  • Features: ALS airway nasal and oral, CPR.
  • Encourages more natural handling, bringing a new level of realism to medical training, supporting emotional engagement.
  • Available in range of ethnicities.
  • Also available: built-in Bluetooth speaker, head wig with hand punched hair edges, skin conditions and wound effects.
  • Based on the scans of real people, features lifelike fine details such as veins and underlying structures.
  • Includes an airway and articulated mouth for airway management.
  • Facilitates step wise airway management with mouth, nostrils, upper airway and lungs enabling use of NP airway, Bag valve mask, Supraglottic airway and Endotracheal tube; CPR compatible (including mechanical chest compression).
  • Closed eyelids with manual opening.