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Cardiology Patient Simulator K

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  • Helps hone senses and skills for bedside cardiology.
  • Contains 88 cases: 12 cases of normal heart sounds, 14 cases of heart disease simulations, 10 cases of arrhythmia simulations and 52 cases of ECG arrhythmia simulations.
  • Sounds are recorded from actual people and reproduced using a high quality sound system.
  • Use with real stethoscope.
  • Auscultation sites corresponding to heart valves are located precisely on a life-size manikin body molded from actual person.
  • Helps develop reliable auscultation skills: Auscultation is a fundamental approach to cardiac patients, performed widely from general practitioners to cardiologists. Repeated practice is a necessity for learners to differentiate various heart sounds and murmurs but opportunities to learn with real patients are limited. Simulator "K" offers hands-on experience in a diversity of cases.
  • Comprehensive patient simulation with sounds, pulses, apex beats and ECG.
  • Set includes main unit with model body, external speaker, PC/keyboard/mouse (built-in), monitor and more.