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CAE Blue Phantom Abscess Drainage Ultrasound Training Block

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  • Patented self-healing Simulex™ ultrasound tissue has imaging characteristics that mimic human tissue.
  • Users can develop, practice and maintain the skills to perform ultrasound-guided abscess drains, including acquiring and interpreting ultrasound images of fluid pockets in various conditions, such as an abscess directly under the tissue or behind the ribs.
  • Three abscess pockets are connected by a Quick Fill™ tube for faster, more efficient refilling.
  • Designed for new learners as well as more experienced learners who are refining their procedural skills, including using ultrasound system controls, positioning and moving the transducer, recognising abscess anatomy and leveraging ultrasound to target the appropriate abscess for drainage.
  • Patented Simulex™ tissue has self-healing properties, allowing for 1000+ punctures when used with an 18−21 gauge needle.
  • With plastic storage case.