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Blood Pressure / Pulse Assessment Simulator

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  • Train with diverse cases, supporting realistic practice of BP examination with stethoscope.
  • Set the systolic / diastolic BP (range 35~240mmHg), the pulse rate per minute (40~140times/min).
  • Set auscultatory gap (On/Off), pulse intensity (3 stages), and Korotkoff sound volume (5 stages).
  • Pulse palpation at radial and brachial artery.
  • Auscultate Korotkoff's sound of brachial artery.
  • Choose auscultation / palpation techniques.
  • Real-time graphs of cuff pressure changes are displayed (0~300mmHg).
  • Decompression rate between systolic and diastolic displayed in real time.
  • Includes adult left arm model with similar feel to human skin, and display device.