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Basic Patient Care Simulator Keiko

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  • Helps training of support for medical care and assistance in daily life.
  • Medical care features include oral suction, aspiration procedure (intranasal cavity and tracheostomy), tube feeding procedure: catheters can be placed in the nasal cavity and gastric wax.
  • Helps learn CV port explanations and daily life assistance, and stoma care: learn to change pouches and remove excrement (simulated stool sold separately).
  • Other training applications: care during intravesical catheter placement / enema / rectal medication / postural drainage procedure / oxygen inhalation / gastric waxing care.
  • Also supports training of daily life assistance: Oral care (learn brushing assistance, oral massage, and denture care); Genital cleaning; Pressure sore care; Repositioning (able to sit independently, so practice assisting with repositioning and wheelchair transfer); Change of sleeping clothes, body cleaning.
  • Includes female genitalia and male genitalia.
  • Approx. height 149cm.