Practi 75/25 & Practi Regular Pack

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Practi 75/25 & Practi Regular Pack


Box of 40

Practi-75/25 and Regular Pack is the perfect product to teach insulin injection techniques including reading and interpreting insulin labels, calculating insulin dosages, and identifying injection site landmarks. This Practi Vial accurately simulates 75/25 and regular insulin vials that are typically found in clinical practice. Practi-75/25 Pack includes 20 vials of labeled Practi 75/25 which contains an additive that mimics the action of its true drug counterpart as it must be rotated, mixed and promptly withdrawn before it precipitates out. The pack also contains 20 vials of labeled Practi-Regular insulin vials.

Contents: distilled water, barium sulfate

Not for human or animal injection.

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