For more than 60 years MMM Group has been a leader in sterilisation and disinfection systems for hospitals, and has positioned themselves as innovators and drivers of quality within that spectrum.

Mediquip are excited to offer MMM’s washer and sterilisers as our Premium Range and to be adding another reputable brand to our CSSD portfolio.

From the smart user interface with intuitive operation, to the solid workmanship of the machinery, MMM’s expertise and dedication to sterile processing results in premium and reliable CSSD equipment.

For our customers, this means greater options and more flexibility for CSSD projects, and our team are excited to share MMM’s complete solutions with you all.

Mediquip and MMM - your partners in sterile processing.

For more information on Mediquip's MMM Premium Range contact Graham Turk on 0413 799 854 or for a free consultation, or watch MMM's Uniclean video here