Mediquip Service Department

At the core of Mediquip is our highly qualified biomedical technical team and service department, a component of the business that is central to its success. Starting as a biomedical service business in 1983, Mediquip’s history has helped shape our commitment and customer focus. With a loyal customer base and a growing need for biomedical service and support, our technical team can be contacted 24/7 for equipment repairs and maintenance.

Medical equipment repairs are addressed immediately and servicing can be undertaken at the customer’s premises for convenience. We also provide customers access to MAAS, our Medical Asset Administration System which was developed in-house. The system is a unique, online, paperless database that retains a complete history of a customer's medical equipment.

download pdf Download Mediquip's Biomedical Service Brochure

download pdf Download Mediquip's Veterinary Service Brochure

Mediquip adheres to the following standards:

  • Technical management programs for medical devices - ASNZS3551
  • Reprocessing of reusable medical devices - AS4187
  • Small Steam Sterilisers - EN13060
  • Large Steam Sterilisers - EN285
  • Washer Disinfectors Part 1 & 2 - ISO15883.1-2
  • Bourdon tube pressure and vacuum guages - AS1349
  • Medical Suction equipment - AS2120.3
  • Resuscitators intended for use with humans - AS2488
  • Medical Gas Systems - AS2896
  • Medical Gas Systems, low pressure hoses - AS2902
  • Approval and test specification, electromedical equipment  AS3200
  • Sphygmomanometers - AS3655
  • Pressure Regulators for use with medical gases - AS3840.1
  • Medical refrigeration equipment - AS3864
  • Electrical installations, patient treatement areas of hospitals - ASNZS3003
  • In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment - ASNZS3760
  • Anaesthetic machines - ASNZS4059
  • Office based health care facilities - ASNZS4815
  • Lung Vent Part 1 to 4 - ASISO10651.1-4

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