CAE Juno Nursing Patient Simulator

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CAE Juno Nursing Patient Simulator

Don't settle for yesterday's nursing manikin

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Key Features

A male and female patient in one manikin. Gender conversion kit includes wig, torso skins and genitalia.

One software and hardware platform for instructor-driven scenarios or preprogrammed Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs), both with full-scale debrief. No additional software or hardware purchase necessary.

Clinical Skills Features

- Anatomically accurate landmarks for realistic clinical skills practice
- Realistic articulation to promote proper patient handling
- Eyes and ears accommodate irrigation procedures or medication administration with real fluids
- Open pliable nares allowing for nasal packing, insertion of nasopharyngeal airways, nasal cannula and NGT placement
- Open mouth allows for realistic oral and denture care; placement, securing and management of oral airways and endotracheal tubes
- Realistic tracheostomy site allows for tracheostomy care and procedural suctioning with real fluids
- Subclavian catheter care
- Chest tube care
- Accommodates oxygen delivery methods with realistic chest rise with use of BVM via face mask, endotracheal tube or tracheostomy
- Gastric lavage and gavage with real fluids
- Pulses include manually generated carotid pulse, (electronically generated brachial and radial pulse available with Live manikin option)
- ECG posts for lead placement (rhythm generation available with Live manikin option)
- Configurable stomas for ostomy care and irrigation
- Urinary catheterization with real fluid return
- Enema procedures capable with real fluids
- IM injections and medication administration via deltoid, gluteal and vastus lateralis muscles
- Articulating, easy-to-maintain IV arm, with replaceable IV pucks allowing for IV placement, site care and fluid administration Sounds and rhythms for patient diagnoses      and assessment

The Live manikin option allows for the generation of the following:

- Various heart sounds, rates, rhythms and volume
- Programmable ECG generation
- Various lung sounds and controllable respiratory rate
- Korotkoff sounds generated with programmable NIBP arm
- Various programmable bowel sounds
- Vocal sounds – software generated
- Two-way communication generation between manikin and caregiver


Technical Specifications

Standard Equipment

CAE Juno wireless and tetherless manikin: medium skin tone available (dark and light skin tones coming soon)
New software platform – instructor driven includes 10 Simulated Clinical Experiences

- Chronic heart failure exacerbation
- Gastrointestinal bleed secondary to esophageal varices
- Skills validation
- Asthma management of patient in home care setting
- Postoperative care of the patient with complications: pneumonia
- Suctioning and tracheostomy care with hypoxia
- Basic assessment of the hip replacement patient
- Postoperative care of the patient with a ruptured diverticulum
- Seizure disorder and moderate learning disability
- Dementia and urinary tract infection in a patient with DNR orders

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Additional Information

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