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SIMEON Surgical Lights

SIMEON Surgical Lights

SIMEON is a German manufacturer of high quality surgical lights and examination lights.

SIMEON lights are the future of LED surgical lights and examination lights for veterinary clinics;

  • High Quality, German made - Made from lightweight aluminium, the light body and suspension arm are quick and easy to reposition. The SIMEON theatre lights also feature light-resistant, scratchproof monolayer safety glass.
  • The latest LED technology - SIMEON lights uses a unique patented reflector technology together with three medical grade LEDs with high light yield, placed centrally in a polished aluminium reflector.
  • Unparalleled Energy Efficiency - The combined features of a lens free design together with an aluminium LED rack ensures maximum energy efficiency with optimum heat dissipation The small amount of heat generated is immediately diverted to the aluminium light head so that a minimal amount of heat is given off in total. The LED’s are powerful and don’t have to work as hard as LED’s utilising older technology. The SIMEON LED’s have a 60W power consumption.
  • High Ra >96 at any colour temperature
  • 5 year warranty on LED’s

Simeon Light Installations

Veterinary Specialist Services Underwood, Brisbane

Gympie & District Vet Services

Asquith Veterinary Hospital