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OtoSim Otoscopy Simulation System

OtoSim Otoscopy Simulation System

Mediquip  are proud to advise you of our recent appointment as the distributor in ANZ for the OTOSIM range of Otoscopy and Ophthalmology training products.

OtoSim has been demonstrated to 
improve diagnostic accuracy by 44%OtoSim Inc. is a leader in medical simulation. In 2014, OtoSim released  OtoSim 2TM Otoscopy Training and Simulation System. The system allows students to view hundreds of ear pathologies through an actual otoscope in realistic ear geometry while interacting with an instructor.  

Based on our customers’ feedback, they have extended the principles applied in OtoSim to create the OphthoSim™ Ophthalmoscopy Training & Simulation System.

Through an actual ophthalmoscope, students can practice their examination technique with monocular vision while viewing through a realistic simulated-eye, complete with an adjustable iris.  Since ophthalmoscopes only allow a portion of the retina to be viewed at any time, the OphthoSim tracks the motion & orientation of the user through an instrumented ophthalmoscope and displays the appropriate region of the retina.

As students view and learn pathologies through the OphthoSim, instructors can interact with students by landmarking critical features of a pathology. This high degree of student-instructor interaction, combined with experiential learning in a realistic geometry, enables more efficient learning and knowledge retention.

For more information please visit www.otosim.com or contact us on 1300 246 349


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